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The Hotel "El Mesón" has a beautiful entrance preserving the Colonial style, in the Very Noble and Loyal city of Huamanga and is owned by the Yupanqui Quicaña family, who through time made with effort, dedication and enough affection what today is Our beautiful hotel.

You plan to travel to Ayacucho, do not forget to visit our Hotel where we will attend you with kindness, quality of care, warmth, safety and hygiene, and above all within the reach of your economy that will make you feel at home.

Our Hotel El Mesón is very close to the Plaza de Armas a few blocks and a half and has all the services for your total comfort and has beautiful panoramic views from its terraces.
Enjoy our facilities and our service that we will provide with love and care during the 365 days of the year.


Altarpiece of Art and Nature

Land of artisans who keep alive the pottery tradition of the ancient Wari in coveted altarpieces, and a rosary of churches and houses of marked colonial architecture with invaluable canvases and altars trace the outline of this land of historical moments and places, such as the Pampas of Ayacucho , where continental independence was sealed. Huamanga, called Ayacucho by Simón Bolívar, is a sanctuary that deserves to be traveled from town to town, with passion and without fear of discovering the peculiar pleasure of nostalgic Ayacuchana music.

Location: Central Sierra of Peru. Crossed by two mountain ranges that divide it into three geographical units: high plains to the south, steep mountains to the center and tropical rainforest to the northeast.
Extension: 43,814 km2.


Queridos amigo(a)s, visiten a la ciudad de Ayacucho que les esperamos con todo amor y la mejor atención.
Detalle Precio
Habitación Individual
S/. 70.00
Habitación Matrimonial
S/. 100.00
Habitación Doble
S/. 100.00
Habitación Triple
S/. 130.00
* Incluye desayuno continental.